Taboo Word Game – 2000 Taboo Cards

A fun card game to play at your next houseparty with friends.

Trivia quiz game where you have to try to get your friends to guess the secret word without pronouncing any of the taboo words!

Taboo is the perfect board game to play and guess the forbidden word or taboo in english offline with your teammates!

How to play:
1- Divide from one to four teams
2- Choose a player to see the taboo card with the forbidden words
3- The player must try to make the other players in your team to guess the word without saying any of the forbidden or taboo words
4- When the time is up, it will be the turn to guess the word of the following team
5- The team with more points wins!
6- Hours of fun!

Features of Taboo Word Game:
– Guess the word game familiar for all ages ( kids, teenagers and adults )
– 2000 cards with taboo words examples
– Perfect for partying or as a family game at bbq or christmas

Taboo Word Game is the best forbidden or taboo words in English and a good word guessing game!