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Shadow matching game for kids, for girls. Princess puzzle game

Who wants to have a fun time! Princess shadow puzzle game includes educational games for children that will help to develop their physical, cognitive and emotional skills. This colorful puzzle game for kindergarten and preschool children is an important means of learning that can help enhance overall development of a child.

This baby game features various puzzles and game modes that are suitable for girls. Child-friendly interface in the toddler puzzles will let your child intuitively navigate within the app.

Toddler puzzle games for kids help develop reasoning skills and problem solving capability of a kid. Toddlers like to repeat solving same puzzle over and over again and this makes their memory sharp.

Kids learning games help children develop fine motor skills that are very useful in daily activities such as writing or drawing.

Toddler puzzles can also help your kid to learn to accept challenges and overcome problems through completing a puzzle.

Another advantage of the game is that toddlers receive animation rewards of the solved puzzle and pride in their skills for their achievements.

The most important thing is the fun involved in playing with toddler puzzle games! Children enjoy learning the most when they are having fun. Solve a puzzle and overcome the challenges. This gives toddler a sense of achievement and pride.

Toddler puzzles designed for 2-8 years old kids

Toddler puzzle games for kids is a subscription-based app. We will regularly add new content for children to enjoy.